When The Office Barn first opened in 1990 in Northern Indiana, customers experienced something quite different from today's malls and superstores.  First, you had to find us.  The business began in an old, two story "bank barn" with an inventory of about 200 pieces of office furniture for sale and service of basic furniture repair was also offered.  Today, our primary building is a 31,500 square foot facility with additional storage sites.  Inventory has grown to over 8,000 items consisting of new, scratch and dent seconds, and used office furniture as well as miscellaneous office supplies.  We are very fortunate to have a great team of focused, energetic, self-motivated personnel with years of combined experience working together to get the job done.

Here at The Office Barn we have highly competitive pricing which we provide via three avenues of furniture.  First, we have new furniture.  Second, we have scratch and dent seconds.  Lastly, we have used furniture.  While new and used furniture is self-evident, we often get questions about what a "second" is.  A second is a new piece of furniture that has been damaged in some way, generally during transit or in the warehouse.  We acquire this furniture, repair it, and sell it at a discounted rate.