Layout & Design:  We offer layout and design services.  We can accept CAD/DWG files and utilize them in our design program to provide layout options for your space.  We can also come to your location and take measurements to create a drawing of your space and layouts.  In addition, we have access to many lines of furniture with a plethora of fabrics and laminates.

Delivery & Setup:  We offer delivery and setup of furniture/cubicles in the Michiana area for a fee.

Cubicle Re-arrangement:  We can utilize your current cubicles to rearrange and create a more efficient work space for your employees.  Rearrangements are limited to the parts available.

Furniture Repair:  We can service and repair office furniture on and off site.  This can include aspects of file/chair repair and some desk repair (with some limitations).

Office Moving:  We do offer office moves pertaining to office furniture.  This includes file cabinets, chairs, desks, tables, etc...   Some restrictions apply (examples; computers, printers, large appliances, etc...).